Workshop Offerings

Program: The Story Ownership Experience (TSOE)

This four session experience uses memoir: Mix, Melt, Mend: Owning my Story & Finding my Freedom along with the supplemental workbook to address mental health, storytelling and healing modalities in the small group setting. Participants receive certication and future leader TSOE opportunities. Great for students in college and high school. Can be done virtually.

Program: Bake & Remake

A first-of-its-kind mental health and wellness program, Bake and Remake, inspired by Dayna Altman’s mental health memoir, Mix, Melt, Mend: Owing my Story & Finding my Freedom. Over six, 90-minute sessions, Dayna will be facilitating this group-oriented program designed to connect working professionals and youth from non-profit organizations. Cohorts will use Dayna’s memoir and supplemental workbook  to launch into a broader discussion which addresses mental health in the group setting. The goal is to allow participants to engage mindfully with their own truths (often uncomfortable) about their lived experiences in order to meditate on how those experiences have shaped who they are today. It is hoped with this program each participant will find motivation and discover a new found purpose to chase their actual goals and passions.

Event: Bake it Till You Make it: Live!

A one hour program facilitated by mental health activist and mental health cookbook author, Dayna Altman. Dayna tells the story of her mental health lived experience and the healing she has found through advocacy, specifically in creating the first of its kind mental health and resilience cookbook, Bake it Till You Make it: Breaking Bread, Building Resilience. Dayna uniquely weaves her story through a demonstration as she bakes two recipes from her cookbook (i) Oreo Fudge Brownies and (ii) Lemon Bars*  Dayna uses ingredients as metaphors to guide her talk. She also brings up members of the audience to share pieces of their own stories as they work through the recipes together. Samples of each recipe are pre-made for the audience so pre-registration is preferred but not mandatory.

An additional 30 minute book signing is optional.

*recipes can vary 

Event: Book signings

Introduction to the book and mission of Bake it Till You Make it: Breaking Bread, Building Resilience. Reading of the “Letter from the Author”, Question and Answer session, and additional activities upon

Event: From the Kitchen 

From the Kitchen is a stage adaptation of Bake it Till You Make it, bringing several stories from the book in a vignette style play told through a cooking show. 

Workshop: “How will you tell your story?” (HWYTYS)

HWYTYS is a 90 minute interactive workshop for anyone over the age of 14 years old. The author of Bake it Till You Make it, Dayna Altman will guide you through her own process of telling her story and will share her inspiration behind creating the book. At each event, Dayna is accompanied by other contributors  to the cookbook, who will share their own journey as well. Participants will then dive into a group discussion on story telling and learn how to express their own stories by contributing to an art instillation.

Workshop: Sweet & Story Swap

Inspired by the traditional holiday “cookie swap”, the Sweet and Story Swap invites community members to bring their favorite dessert and story to share. 

Retreat: Your Mind Matters

A mental health and self care full day retreat for youth. Focused on education, coping and mindfulness.

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