Bake it Till You Make it (BITYMI) is a community based LLC dedicated to destigmatizing mental illness, normalizing mental health conversation and promoting authentic healing and recovery. We seek to connect people through food, making “difficult conversation” more palatable, natural and in turn, common place.

Bake it Till You Make It uses three strategies to achieve this mission: (I) Creation, (II) Connection & (III) Community. 

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Founder and leader, Dayna Altman, has always found healing through creation. Dayna works to make tangible change through mental health and resilience inspired projects. Dayna has created two books: Bake it Till You Make it: Breaking Bread, Building Resilience and Mix, Melt, Mend: Owning my Story and Finding my Freedom. Dayna created her first book as a means to give those in her community a space to share their authentic stories. Dayna plans to continue to create in order to meet the mission of this organization and is doing so now with the launch of her second book, Mix, Melt, Mend: Owning my Story and Finding my Freedom. This is Dayna’s memoir told in a recipe format.

Bake it Till You Make it believes that the greatest tool in breaking down stigma is storytelling. Founder and leader, Dayna, offers an array of presentations that use food as a way to normalize mental illness and promote healing as well as inspiration. Popular presentations include: “A Recipe to Fight Stigma” and “Bake it Till You Make it: Live!”  All presentations are tailored specifically to the audience to promote education and inspiration.  Additionally, Dayna has co-created a corporate wellness program entitled “Bake and Remake.” Currently Mix, Melt, Mend book clubs are back by popular demand. These four session book clubs facilitated by Dayna, are a great way to create community and start a dialogue about mental health.

Living with mental illness can be especially isolating. The stigma that accompanies mental illness often leads people to believe they have to live in silence. Bake it Till You Make it seeks to create events to promote community building among all who are affected by mental health challenges: individuals, loved ones, advocates and allies. Bake it Till You Make it offers quarterly community building events in the Northeast. Most notably, past community events include: Nailed it! with a mental health twist, the viewing of From the Kitchen, a play based on the cookbook. Since COVID, Bake it Till You Make it LLC has made the transition to virtual programming including a gingerbread construction contest.

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