Media Links & Press Recognition

Bake it Till You Make it Live (Video Presentation)

Dayna Altman & Bake it Till You Make it (Podcast Links)

Overcoming Mental Health Challenges Podcast (January 2020)

No Shame on U podcast (November 2019)

Book Recognition

31 Best Resilient Books to Read in 2019

2020 World Gourmand Cookbook Award Recipient › index.php › gourmand-awards

Dayna Recognition

AERIE Real, Positivity, Aerie By American Eagle: May 2020.

“Soul People are the Best People” SoulCycle: January 2019.

Content Contributor “Our Stories, Ourselves” Mental Health Collection of Stories, 2018.


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Official Instagram: @bakeittillyoumakeitorg

Facebook Page: Bake it Till You Make it: Breaking Bread, Building Resilience.

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