About the Author

Dayna Altman is an enthusiastic and driven young professional based in Boston, MA. Dayna graduated with her Master’s Degree in Public Health and Bachelor’s of Science in Human Services and Psychology with honors from Northeastern University. She has held several roles in the human services field working with youth in mental health settings at McLean Hospital, Boston Children’s Hospital and The Walker Home and School. Dayna also has experience working with survivors of domestic violence and homeless women at Rosie’s Place and as a SAFEPLAN Advocate at New Hope inc. A working Public Health professional by day and entrepreneur in all other times of the day, Dayna has created several organizations working toward prevention, education and advocacy for those who live with mental illness. Her entrepreneurial adventures have helped her become an academic and speaker who has traveled to several universities across the country, a documentary film maker with her first film entitled, Life After, and now a published author with the first of its kind mental health and resilience cookbook Bake it Till You Make it: Breaking Bread, Building Resilience. Her next book Mix, Melt, Mend: Owning my Story and Finding my Freedom is set to be released in September 2020.

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